IntelliScreen 2.0 released!

IntelliScreen is the all in one App for handling the screen timeout on your Android device!

Some features:
• Set individual rules for Apps (e.g. screen always on, individual screen brightness)
• Set a position in that the screen will always stay on (via accelerometer sensor)
• If its dark, screen goes out (e.g. if you put your phone into your pocket)
• Wake up device automatically (screen turns automatically on when you put your device out of your pocket)
• Screen lock widget (click on it and your screen gets locked)
• No Ads – of course!
• Set an individual global screen timout time (e.g. 42 seconds)
• Dock functions: choose if the screen should stay on when you are using a dock (e.g. desk dock)
• Display filter: saves battery life for AMOLED displays and great for eBook reading
• Info HUD: shows always the state of the accelerometer, CPU, light sensor and active app rules
• Backup/Restore your settings

It’s easy to handle the screen timeout via app specific rules, the accelerometer position, the light sensor or individual dock settings. You will be always informed about the screen timeout via the system HUD. Lock your screen easily with the screen lock widget.

“… making the app the only place you need to go for adjusting screen timeout.” –

“Manage your screen light, smartly” –

We greatly appreciate bug reports, feature requests, suggestions, and questions.


IntelliScreen – Accelerometer settings

IntelliScreen – App specific settings

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